Why Hello English TESOL Certification?


Hello English TESOL Course is accredited by ACCREDITAT, an international accreditation body leading the ESL industry for over 10 years


让自己你好En上市glish - one of the world’s largest English Learning networks and start attracting students to teach


Get opportunity to practice your English teaching skills with a large community of over 50 million English learners


Chance to get recruited as a professional English teacher in the Hello English/Hello Learner network and earn a regular income!

How it works?


Fill the registration form and pay fees and receive your Welcome Kit through email


Complete online training and assessment modules within 30 weeks of enrolment


Attend live webinars with expert tutors for doubt clarification anytime during the course


Take 5 hours of demo classes and an online quiz as part of Final Assessment; passing score is 60%


Earn a certificate from Hello English upon successful completion, and also apply for the additional ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document if you wish.


Top 20% students get a chance to interview on Hello English/Hello Learner platforms

Our Accreditation

Hello English has passed through the full accreditation process of ACCREDITAT, an international accreditation body leading the ESL industry for over 10 years. This confirms that our course, tutors, assessments, and our company processes are to the highest quality.
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Got questions? Read our FAQs below

We believe that students learn best when they are intrinsically motivated. We prioritise learning experiences that are active, relevant to students’ lives, and provide students authentic choices. We encourage students to be curious, solve personally relevant problems, and to express themselves through creativity. We take great care to design learning experiences in which students have an active and equal stake in the proceedings. Students are given opportunities to explore concepts and build their understanding. The projects, assignments, and activities in our curriculum ask students to be creative, to express themselves, and then to share their creations with others. While certain lessons focus on learning and practicing new skills, our goal is always to enable students to transfer these skills to creations of their own. Everyone seeks to make their mark on society, including our students, and we want to enable them to do so through training on effective and confident communication.
We are as invested as you in your career growth - and we would trust no-one but the best educators for them. Our panel of educators comprises certified experts, writers, TED Talk coaches and more. We cherry-pick educators, who are certified to teach and have been avid readers and writers for several years and understand the depth of the subject matter, as well as are abreast with the latest trends in the industry. Each educator takes a personal interest in understanding the student - his/her interest areas, improvement areas, the pace of learning - and conducts the sessions accordingly.
Hello English offers a self-paced 120-hour TESOL/TEFL course accredited by ACCREDITAT - a UK-based independent accreditation body that has been providing in-depth evaluations of ESL courses for over 10 years. Upon signing up for the course by paying the required fee, each student gets access to a personalised Student Dashboard. This Dashboard hosts the course content - which consists of online pre-recorded lectures on 11 modules on the TESOL/TEFL course, along with End of Module Quizzes and a Final Assessment. Further, during the tenure of the course, the student can attend up to 4 live webinars for doubt clarification - which need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance from the dashboard itself. The plan for these is on Sunday mornings IST and will be showcased on the Student Dashboard to be booked in advance.
Upon completion of each module, the student has to attempt the End of Module Quiz on the dashboard. The pass score for each quiz is 60%, and the student has unlimited attempts to clear it. Once the student clears this quiz, he/she will be able to access lecture recordings of the next module. At the end of the course, the students have to take an online End-Of- Course Quiz: This quiz will be video-proctored and consist of a mix of multiple-choice and true/false questions, and a time limit. The student needs to get a 60% pass score and will have only one chance to attempt this quiz. In case there were some technical issues, we can allow a maximum of 3 repeat attempts. Upon successful completion of the End-Of-Course Quiz, the student would have to take 5 hours of demo classes with real students or mock evaluators. The student needs to score a cumulative of 60% in demo class evaluation. If the student is unable to pass the End-Of-Course Quiz and Demo Class Evaluation, he/she would fail the course. You will be informed in writing of any failure to complete the course within 14 days of the fail. Once you have been awarded a fail, then you will not be entitled to a refund. Our educators reserve the right to fail a student if a student is not meeting the standards of the course in terms of learning, English language ability or plagiarism.
你好英语教学/外语教学课程自学,so a learner can complete it as fast as they wish. However, the maximum duration for completion for training and final assessment is 30 weeks from enrolment (enrolment begins from the date of fee payment).
Upon successful completion of the course as per the assessment criteria mentioned in point 4, our automatic system would create an e- certificate in a PDF format and share it with you over email. In case, you wish to obtain a duplicate copy of the certificate later, you should write to premium@www.obankrotim.com - mention your student ID, phone number and email ID for verification.

Further, after successful completion of the course, you can apply to ACCREDITAT for an ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format, if you wish. This is a confirmation document, not an academic certificate. This will confirm in any future recruiter’s or employer's mind your excellent achievement, and the high quality of Hello English, our accredited course and our expert tutors. If you wish, please go tohttps://www.accreditat.com/tefl-tesol-students/register-with-us.htmlto apply for your additional ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format and and pay the fees of GBP 20 for the document.
We would like to keep you abreast of your performance and learnings in the classes. Our students get access to a personal Student Dashboard - with individual logins. Through the dashboard, students can view the course content, quizzes, booking dashboard for live webinars. Further, our chat, WhatsApp, and email-based Helpline - provides all- time support to the student.
We have kept the student at the heart of our program structure and to create a world-class learning experience for them. All we need from students is to approach classes with inquisitiveness and a participative attitude. They should explore the curriculum, templates/writing organisers shared with them, complete the assignments timely, and attend classes regularly. Further, if a student is observed to have used unfair means to any form of cheating or plagiarism for attempting online quizzes, then they will be issued with 1 formal warning. In subsequent cases, the student will be deemed to be have failed.

Lastly, it goes without saying that to teach English one must have a good command over the language. Therefore, we expect the students to have native or native-like English proficiency (CEFR Level C2). If you wish to check your English language proficiency, take a quick Hello English assessment through thislink.
Access to a laptop or tab/iPad with front camera/ plugged in web-cam, in-built or external speakers, in-built or external microphones, a stable internet connection are a must throughout the sessions. We would also advise students to have a dedicated notebook for the course.
We strive to provide a seamless learning experience and try to answer your queries during the class as well as on the helpline. However, if you still have any concerns, you can always reach out to us through email at premium@www.obankrotim.com or through our official WhatsApp for Business Account on +91-8824871788. We will respond as quickly as possible but no later than 10 days following the receipt of your complaint.
We will be sharing a calendar of scheduled live webinars on the Student Dashboard - through which the student can directly book their slot - at least 24 hours in advance. A student can book a maximum of 4 live webinars during the course duration. A student can cancel the booking 24 hours before the scheduled webinar session. In case the student fails to do so and isn't able to attend the session, the session would be counted against the 4 webinars the student can attend. Recordings of each webinar that a student signs up for would be uploaded on his/her dashboard for future reference. In case, due to some technical issue or otherwise, Hello English isn't able to conduct the scheduled webinar, we would not record students' attendance for the session. Students can book another session at their convenient time through the dashboard.
We accept payments through multiple methods - net banking, credit card, debit card, UPI, and wallets. We also offer attractive zero percent EMI options on major credit cards. We will begin classes only upon receiving the payment amount. As some payment options take a few days to credit, we request you to pay in advance to ensure your classes start on the scheduled date. Further, if you pay for the classes in instalments, then we would block the teacher's schedule only for the slots paid for. For the next set of sessions (if paid for in advance), we will try our best to get the same teacher and the same slot, but this cannot be guaranteed upfront.
We strive to provide world-class personalised training to you based on your current understanding of the language, the pace of learning, and interest areas. In case of any technical failures or content discrepancies, the student can write for a refund.And the same would be handled by the Hello English team on a case-to-case basis. Should you need to do so, you should write to premium@www.obankrotim.com.
We comply with the Global General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect from 25th May 2018, and any amendments thereon. You can view our detailed policy here -//www.obankrotim.com/Privacy.jsp
Yes, we follow the Equal Opportunities Policy which states: Our equal opportunity policy expresses our commitment to promote equality and conduct business according to principles of social justice, respect and freedom of expression when dealing with diversity in the workplace. The workplace will engage in preventive as well as affirmative action to ensure equal opportunity in hiring, training, performance evaluation, promotions, compensation, benefits and termination. We will strictly refrain from demonstrating discrimination or bias or prejudice towards individual differences which will be valued and protected. People will be given the chance to work in a discrimination-free environment which will help everyone feel that their worth and rights are respected. Discrimination can refer to different forms of diversity including but not limited to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality, religion or beliefs, age, disability, medical history and marital status. This equal opportunities policy applies to all individuals including but not limited to employees, educators, students and visitors who are vulnerable to discriminatory treatment due to certain individual characteristics.